9/6/11- Northwestern Football Media Day(Evanston, IL)

 9/10/11- Waukegan Air Show (Waukegan, IL)

9/10/11- Northwestern Football Game (Evanston, IL)

9/11/11- Chicago Half Marathon (Jackson Park)

9/11/11- Chicago Fire Dept. Dedication E11/T9/A2

9/18/11- Chicagoland Speedway (Joliet, IL)

9/24/11- Firefighter Combat Challenge (Tinley Park, IL)

10/2/11- FireZone Open House (Schaumburg, IL)

10/9/11- Fox River & Countryside Fire (St. Charles, IL)

10/11/11- South Holland Parade (South Holland, IL)

10/14/11- Silent Parade (Hinsdale, IL)

10/15/11- Long Grove FPD (Long Grove, IL)

10/16/11- Grayslake Fire Open House (Grayslake, IL)

10/29/11- Bloomingdale Open House (Bloomingdale, IL)

10/30/11- Sycamore Parade (Sycamore, IL)

11/23/11- Schaumburg Memorial Mass (Schaumburg, IL)

12/22/11-  HOST – Orlando Fire Dept. (Orlando, FL)

12/29/11- Champs Sports Bowl (Orlando, FL)

1/2/12- Capital One Bowl (Orlando, FL)

1/3/12- Orlando Brewing Fundraiser (Orlando, FL)

1/4/12- HOST – Winter Park(FL) Fire Dept.

1/20/12- Fire Rescue East (Daytona Beach, FL)

2/17/12- Jacksonville (FL) Car & Truck Show

2/19/12- Volusia County Fire Rescue

2/23/12- R4 & USAF Thunderbirds at Daytona Beach

3/15/12 HOST New Smyrna Beach(FL) Fire Rescue

3/16/12- Boca Raton Fire Memorial Dedication

3/17/12- Delray Beach St. Pats Parade and Festival

3/23/12- New Smyrna Balloon & Skyfest (FL)

3/28/12- Brevard County Fire Rescue

April 19-21- FDIC (Indianapolis)

April 16-May 7 HOST- Broward County Sheriff Fire

May 5- Public Safety Expo (Hollywood, FL)

May 5- Madison Fire Dept. Hockey Tourn. (Madison, WI)

May 7-8 HOST- Hillsborough County Fire Rescue

May 11-12- NASCAR Darlington, SC

May 18-20- Joint Service Open House (Wash. DC)

June 2-3- Rockford(IL) AirFest

June 2- DeForest FD Car Show (Deforest, WI)

June 14- MABAS Open House

June 15- Chicago Soldier Ride

June 20- Chris Wheatley Memorial Outing (Cog Hill, IL)

June 28-30- NASCAR- Kentucky Speedway

July 4- Arlington Heights Parade

July 15- Colby Fire Dept (Colby, WI)

July 21- Mt. Horeb(WI) Fire Muster

July 22- Arlington Park Police-Fire Day (Arlington Heights, IL)

July 28- Ride For Remembrance(Harley Davidson-WI)

July 31- Big Dog Challange (Denver, CO)

Aug. 1-4- Fire Rescue International (Denver, CO)

Aug. 10- IAFF Local 1309 Golf Toun.

Aug. 13-17 – Columbia Township (MI) Fire Dept.

Aug.17-19 NASCAR Michigan Int’l Speedway

Aug. 22- Knoxville (TN) Food City Race Night

Aug. 23- Bristol (TN) Food City Race Night

Aug. 23- Ford Transporter Parade (Bristol, TN)

Aug. 24-25 NASCAR Bristol Motor Speedway

Aug. 25- Colorado State Fair

Aug. 26- Hot Times, Kool Cars (CO)

Sept 1-2- Quad City Air Show (IA)

Sept 7-9- Colorado Charity Alliance

Sept 8- Waukegan (IL) Air Show

Sept 8- Prairie House Fundraiser (Prairie View, IL)

Sept 11- Red Rocks 9/11 Stair Climb (Denver, CO)

Sept 11- Federal Heights Fire (CO)

Sept 11- Lake County HS Tech Campus

Sept 11- Milwaukee Brewers Game

Sept. 14- R4 HOST- Allen, TX

Sept 14- ITTF Education Event

Sept 15- Schaumburg Fire Softball Tourn.

Sept 16- Roselle Fire Dept Open House

Oct 1- Baylor MckEnna Hospital

Sept 28- Are You Ready Training (Cleveland,OH)

Oct 6- R4 San Marcos, TX

Oct 6- R5 Broadview Fire Open House

Oct 6- R5 Coal City Fire Open House

Oct 7- R4 Lucas, TX

Oct 7- R4 Allen, TX National Night Out

Oct 8- R4 Howe, TX Fire Open House

Oct 13- R5 Hanover Park Fire Open House

Oct 13- R5 Chicago Wolves Hockey

Oct 13- R4 Allen Hockey

Oct 14- R5 Allenton, WI Pancake Breakfast

Oct 19- R4 Allen Eagles Football

Oct 20- R4 Fairview, TX

Oct 24- R5 Fox Valley Career Center

Oct 26- Celinas, TX Balloon Fest

Nov. 1-2- Tri-State Emergency Responders Conference (IA)

Nov 2- R4 Allen American Game

Nov 3- R4 Dallas Sidekicks Game

Nov 9- R4 Allen Senior Center

Nov 10- R5 To Hillsborough County (FL) Fire Dept.

Nov 14- R5 Pasco School District

Nov 16- R4 Allen Americans Hockey

Nov 17- R5 FDNY-343 – FL

Nov 19- R5 St. Petersburg FL Fire Dept.

Dec. 2- R4 Allen Eagles Game

Dec 3-7- R5 Pasco County FL Fire Dept.

Dec 8- R5 Adams Middle School

Dec 9- R5 Seminole County Fire

Dec 10- Tampa Fire Dept.

Dec 10- R4 Allen Fire Special Dinner

Dec 10-12- R4 Tempe Terrace Fire Rescue

Jan 2- Beefs Fundraiser

Jan 3- Allen Sidekicks

Jan 7- Tampa Fire Rescue

Jan 14- Wiregrass High School

Jan 22- Lucas, TX Fire

Jan 26-27- Fire Rescue East

Jan 27- R4 Dallas Sidekicks Game

Feb 22- Host-Palm Beach Gardens Fire Rescue

Mar 1- Collin College McKinney, TX

March 1- Host- Palm Beach Garden Fire Rescue

March 11- Host- Boca Raton Fire Rescue

Mar 16- Delray Beach St. Pat’s Day Parade

April 1- Host- New Symrna Beach Fire

April 13- Collin College McKinney, TX

May 9- Abilene Art Walk

May 9-11- Western Heritage Days

May 11-12- NASCAR- Darlington

May 13- Contiental Tires (SC)

May 13- Michael Waltrip Racing (NC)

May 14- Knoxville, TN

May 17- Speedway, IN Fire Dept

May 17- Texas Gun & Knife Show

May 23-26- Indy 500

May 27- Abilene Tx Fire Dept.

May 27- Abilene Bombers Football

May 15- Knoxville, TN

May 16- Berea, KY

June 7- Deerfield WI Fire Dept.

June 8- Vernona WI Fire Dept.

June 15- Wounded Warrior Project

June 29- Wounded Warrior Project

July 6-7- Sheboygan Fall,WI

July 13-14- Three Rivers Festival- IN

July 21- Arlington Park Police Fire Day

July 27-29- NASCAR- Indy

Aug 25- Carl V. Bini- Bikers For Bini -NYC

Aug 22-24- R4 Great American Truck Show – Dallas, TX

Aug 25- R4 Taylor, TX MDA Fundraiser

Sept 6-8- R4 – Plano, TX

Sept 7- Charlotte, NC 9/11 Stair Climb

Sept 11- Taylor TX Ceremony

Sept 25-27- Concord Fire Department

Sept 28- Indian Land festival

Oct 12- Charlotte Motor Speedway/ Bank of America 500

Oct 18-20- Anchor Richey Community Event

Oct – R5 South Carolina Tour

Jan – R5 2014 Coast To Coast Tour

Jan 16- Little Rock Fire Dept.

Jan 17- Little Rock, AR

Jan 19-24- Clinton Presidential Library

Jan 25-28 Mustand OK Fire Dept

Jan 28- Mustang, OK

Jan 29 – Amarillo TX Fire Dept

Jan 30 – Albuquerque NM Fire Dept

Feb 4- Gallup, NM Fire Dept.

Feb 5- Sedona AZ Fire Dept.

Feb 6- Prescott AZ Fire Dept

Feb 7- Kingman, AZ Fire Dept.

Feb 8-15- R5 Clark County, NV

Feb 16-17- San Diego Fire Dept.

Feb 18-20- Firehouse World Expo- San Diego

Feb 22- Santa Monica Fire Dept

March- R4 Repairs – Sentinel Emergency Solutions

March 2013- R5 Los Angeles Area Tour

April 24 Sony Picture Studios

April 25- Camp Pendelton USMC

April 26- Rio Hondo Fire Academt

May 1- So Cal Ass. of Fire Wardens

May 10- Culver City Car Show

May 11- R5 LA Co. Fire Dept

May 17- R4 Lake County IL Fire Expo

May 19- R4 Deerfield-Bannockburn FD

May 19- R5 LA County Fire Dept

June 7-8- Rockford AirFest

 June 18- Illinois Burn Camp

 June 18- R4 Randhurst Car Show- Mt. Prospect, IL

 June 19-21- R4 NASCAR Road America WI

July 15- R4 Woodward Dream Cruise- Detroit, MI

Aug 19- R5 Palos Verde Fire Dept. (CA)

Aug 9- R4 Advance Fire Dept. (NC)

Nov 10- R5 Fire Trucks Unlimited 

Nov 17- Elizabethtown, NC Fire Dept